The best way to reach me is by email

Please, describe your idea, provide reference photos, approximate size and where on your body you want it. We'll set an online or in-person consultation if I'm interested in your project. You'll get a reply from me in any case.

You also can subscribe to my newsletter and get on my waitlist (I'll send an email if I have a sudden available appointment).

I'll send you a link to schedule your online consultation, after we discuss your tattoo via email. Please don't be late.

I will ask you to send me a deposit in order to secure your tattoo appointment. If you cancel your appointment less than a week before/I already sent you your finilized design or are a no-show, it's not refundable.


My current hourly rate and minimum are $100.

I'll send you a couple of date options to schedule your appointment. Please respond to my emails quickly. You have to be over 18 to get a tattoo. Don't forget your ID. You can read these Before and Aftercare instructions

I'll send you a draft beforehand. The latest — on Mon/Tue the week of your appointment. We'll discuss it and then I'll send you the finalized sketch.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.