The best way to reach me is by email or the inquiry form.

Location: private studio in Dogpatch, San Francisco: 2344 3rd St. Read more about it here.

Please, describe your idea, provide reference photos, approximate size, and where on your body you want it. We'll set up an online or in-person consultation if I'm a good fit for your project. You'll get a reply from me in any case.

You also can subscribe to my newsletter and get on my waitlist (I'll send an email if I have a suddenly available appointment).

A couple of months is usually the farthest I book tattoo appointments. And a month for a tattoo consultation. I always reply to new inquiries. My books are always open. 

My current (June-July 2024) hourly rate and minimum are $340 on weekdays and $350 on Saturdays. Cover-ups, hand, feet, and neck tattoos: $350 on weekdays and $360 on Saturdays. Please clarify the current hourly rate, especially if there's been a big gap in our communication. It will gradually go up every month in 2024. 

You are being charged for design drawing, stencil application, and tattooing. I don't charge for setting up the station and other organizational stuff like that.

Great news for teachers and tutors spending their summer in SF! I'm excited to offer you a special discount on your new tattoo. Instead of our regular rate of $340-360, the hourly rate and minimum for a tattoo on weekdays (Wednesday to Friday) in June & July will be $320. Simply reach out to me directly with any proof of your teaching status, and we'll schedule your appointment. Read more about the offer.

It is 30 min long and costs $20. If you decide to cancel it less than a day before, it's not refunded. I'll email you a link to schedule your online consultation after we discuss your tattoo. I'll send a Zoom link on Sunday before your consult that week.

Please don't be late. I usually wait for 10 min, and send you another reminder. If you still haven't gotten back to me, the call is canceled and your $20 is not refunded.

It is 1 hour long and costs $300. It's meant for those clients who are anxious to get their tattoo sketch earlier than I usually provide it (Monday or Tuesday the week of your tattoo appointment). So during that zoom, we just work together on your sketch, and at the end, you'll get a design draft. If you decide to cancel it less than a day before, it's not refundable.

I can send you a link to book your Drawing Together consultation after we have a 30-minute regular online consult (inquire about it via email). 

I will ask you to send me a deposit (current hourly rate or custom for bigger projects) to secure your tattoo appointment. You have a week to provide the deposit after receiving a confirmation email or 1 day in case of booking less than a week before the appointment.

The deposit will go towards your total payment. If we have to finish your tattoo in several sessions it will be applied at your last appointment. Consultations are paid separately and are not included in the total price of a tattoo.

If you cancel/reschedule your appointment less than a week before or I already sent you the finalized design, or are a no-show, it's not refundable. In some situations, the deposit may be transferred to your next appointment. It is discussed on a case-to-case basis. It can be done only once. If you have to reschedule several times, your deposit will be forfeited. 

Without a deposit received, I cannot guarantee to secure a desired date/time. With the lack of communication from the client's side, despite my reminders about the deposit, the reservation will be canceled with subsequent notification and blacklisting.

Of course, stuff happens. But if you're rescheduling less than a week before the appointment the deposit is not refundable. Also, I'm usually booked about 2 months ahead, so I can't guarantee to reschedule your appointment for earlier than that unless I have some cancellations.

I'll send you a draft beforehand. Usually on Mon/Tue the week of your appointment. We'll discuss it via email and then I'll send you the finalized sketch or finish it together at your appointment. If you are anxious to get your tattoo sketch earlier than I usually provide it, we can schedule a "drawing together consultation".

I either will schedule you during our Zoom call or send you a couple of date options later. Please respond to my emails promptly. Otherwise, I can't guarantee it's not taken. You have to be over 18 to get a tattoo. Don't forget your ID. You also can read these Before and Aftercare instructions

✦ TIPS ✦ 
Tipping is optional but greatly appreciated:)

For my regulars, I am introducing a loyalty program. Suitable for both large tattoo projects and those who want to get matching tattoos.

If you spend 5 hours or more in my tattoo chair, you’ll get a $50 discount for your next session. Also, if you recommend a friend to get a tattoo from me, you’ll get the discount as well. We’ll need to make sure your friend got that tattoo. :) How to get a coupon? Email me and I’ll count your tattoo hours and check if your friend came to me! If you forgot to tell me, I may not give you this secret hidden prize. Oh well, we’re only human, right? :)

Only hours starting February 2023 are counted, not any previous ones. You can take advantage of the discount at a one-time tattoo session of 3 hours or more. At the end of the session, you can receive a physical or electronic coupon at my discretion. To use it, it must be presented at the next session before payment. The validity period of the coupon is limited to 3 months. The coupon is valid once, is not transferrable to other people, cannot act as a deposit, or be used to pay for a gift card. One person can use no more than 4 coupons per year. The coupon cannot be exchanged for money. This information is not a public offer. The terms of the discount may change unilaterally without prior notification, please check the relevant information before holding the session via email.

At Natasha Tsozik Fine Art Tattoo Studio you’ll get an eco-friendly approach: from vegan tattoo ink, animal cruelty-free products, and biodegradable tattoo supplies to even vegan snacks in the lounge area. 

In my private tattoo studio, I exclusively use vegan ink, which is made from plant-based or synthetic materials, ensuring no harm to animals within my practice. Fortunately, it’s pretty common for inks nowadays. My top choices for tattoo ink are Dynamic, World Famous, Intenze, and Fusion.

Please refrain from bringing any extra people. Please stay vigilant a couple of weeks before your appointment, and avoid risking exposure. Keep an eye on the symptoms. You don't wanna risk losing your deposit.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.