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I’m glad to announce that this year I’m hosting SF Open Studios.


During a weekend in November 2023 (18-19th, 11 am-5 pm), my private studio will become a platform for talented local artists. My friends and I are going to display original artwork, prints, and custom jewelry. We’ll even have flowers for sale and tarot reading. The theme of nature will unite all works. Come by to buy some art and have fun!

ARTSPAN'S SF OPEN STUDIOS is the oldest and largest open studio program in the US. It showcases over 800 emerging and established San Francisco artists in their studios. I’ve already participated in SF Open Studios a few times. It’s always such a great experience! Feel free to check my blog to know how it went. This year, I’m hosting the event as well.

Let's see how it went!

Meet the participants


Natasha Tsozik

The host

Tattoo and fine artist. Specializes in fine-line botanical, portrait, and animal tattoos in a black and grey illustrative style. Natasha creates pop surrealism art in mixed media. She'll share her original paintings, prints, stickers, t-shirts, and accessories like patches and pins.


Elizabeth Mathiasen

Jewelry designer

And also scientist, and tarot reader of San Francisco. Liz creates pretty magical things. Custom jewelry, made “with wire and anxiety”, may become your inspirational guide. Liz will also do tarot readings at Open Studios. I'm fascinated by her insightfulness. Liz has approached me with the idea of a tattoo once, and ever since she's been one of my most loyal clients and a friend. I had the luck to get to know her and her craft closer. And you'll have that opportunity too!


Melissa Mohammadi

Abstract artist

Living and working in the Bay Area. Immersive botanical landscapes on paper or pane will make you reimagine our natural world. Her work is in many private and public collections and has been exhibited nationally. Mellisa was the one to introduce me to Open Studios and hosted me as well as other artists at her cozy home in South SF.


Maia Yandell

Organic florist

Maia has sourced organic and sustainably grown flowers directly from farms in the Bay Area for going on a decade. I have been a regular customer of The Flower Press. They have a pop-up by Dogpatch Piccino coffee shop blue wall every Saturday. Maia will provide us with organic flowers for sale at our Open Studios. Can't wait to see what we'll have in season!

Since it’s my first time as an Open Studios host, I’ve invited people I not only admire as artists but also know personally. I surely recommend them all as great local entrepreneurs.

Fine Art Tattoo Studio

My private fine art tattoo studio is located in Dogpatch, San Francisco. Preserving the heritage of the industrial district in the guise, and openness of the mind of the people living here, the Dogpatch of San Francisco is one of the most unique and vibrant places in the area. I’m happy to be a part of the community!


Beautiful photos of my fine art tattoo studio by @tsozik

Follow the updates on my monthly low-key Newsletter. I'll keep you updated. In the meantime, feel free to support your local artists and purchase online or other events/pop-ups they are a part of! Don’t miss the chance to get the original artwork and other pretty things from my friends and me. Join the event!