Secret Garden

These botanical tattoo designs are of plants that grow in an imaginary Secret Garden. Every one of these plants has a story or an interesting fact behind them. You can find out more about the plants and the story of making this flash in my blog

Also, my artwork originals from the Secret Garden tattoo flash were on display at the 4th installation of Send Me Across the Sea at gallery in Oakland, CA. See how it went.

Available Secret Garden tattoo designs.

Completed Secret Garden tattoo projects:

Tattoo by Natasha Tsozik
Tattoo by Natasha Tsozik
Tattoo by Natasha Tsozik
Tattoo by Natasha Tsozik
A fine line lettering tattoo on a forearm.
Moschatel plant tattoo on a forearm.
Details of Venus Flytrap tattoo on a thigh
Venus Flytrap tattoo on a thigh
Spider Lilly floral bracelet tattoo on a wrist.
Tattoo by Natasha Tsozik