Still Not Asking for It  

Still Not Asking for It  

In June 2021 along with other international studios supporting @stillnotaskingforit_flashevent, I put a few of my Language of Flowers pieces up for an online auction. I chose "Stay Strong" and "Strong Independent Person" tattoo designs for the great symbolism of the flowers included.

It was such an honor to be able to participate with @oldcrowtattoo in an event like #stillnotaskingforit2020. SNAFI has now become a global movement spreading awareness about sexual violence and its prevention in the tattoo industry. Since 2015 SNAFI has been facilitating fundraisers to raise money in support of local organizations that provide many different pathways of support for survivors of sexual violence.

Proud to announce that together, with the help of our clients and artists of @oldcrowtattoo, we were able to raise $4,185 for @bawar1971 (Bay Area Women Against Rape). That means $4,185 will be allocated to an organization that, since 1971, has been supporting survivors of sexual violence through community support, education, therapy, and much more.

A HUGE thank you to participants for showing up for the survivors in our community. It wouldn't have happened without you.

Here are tattoos that I did for @stillnotaskingforit_flashevent