My artist friend Melissa Mohammadi invited me to be a part of a group Open Studios. I shared Sawyer Street Studios with 5 other artists. Check the videos from the event.

San Francisco Open Studios is the oldest and largest open studio program in the country that showcases over 800 emerging and established SF artists in their studios.

I was the one responsible for all the design for our  Sawyer Street Open Studios. Here's what I came up with.


First, we needed a logo to put on all our materials. I tried different options and stopped on a simplified version of Melissa's house where we would have our Open Studio. I put it on our booklet, stickers, Facebook and Instagram.

Guide ad 

This event is organized with the help of ArtSpan, a non-profit organization, committed to cultivating a vibrant & accessible art community in San Francisco. They print Open Studios guide with all the artists' details to help to promote them. We decided to advertise there. My inspiration for the design were 60's. Their bold attitude. Therefore high contrast, black, white and yellow.

Booklet and Stickers 

We wanted to give out something to people. I designed a booklet with info about all 6 artists and stickers. Each artist had personalized stickers with little logo-house and their art printed on clear vinyl. They turned out super cute:)

Artist statement/bio 

Every time I visited an exhibition, I wanted to see an artist's photo near their art work. So I could find them in the crowd and talk. I decided to implement this to our little art show.

I printed each one's art statement and made everyone's polaroid photo. Loved the result:)

Open Studio Sign 

The task was to make a poster sign at the entrance. Since it was on the window I decided to make it on semi translucent paper, so some light would come through. I used my AxiDraw pen plotter to draw it. It came out perfect:)