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Ideas for Pet Portrait Tattoos

The Selection of Pet Tattoos: 2024 Updated Collection.

Memorial pet portrait tattoos have a special place in my heart. In addition to the Familiars project, I have accumulated a large number of works with animals.

Where do I start before getting a tribute tattoo?

Memorial Pet Tattoos

A simple fine line tattoo with a little bit of shading becomes a celebration of the exceptional bond between a client and their dog/cat, or even an eland. Besides being a popular tattoo choice, it is also an expression of love.

As a tattoo artist, I'm happy to share a selection of tattoo ideas for pet portraits with you. Behind every tattoo you see below there is a touching story. Each illustration is unique.

There are no criteria about when you can get a tattoo in honor of or inspired by your pet. A tattoo is a permanent reminder of the impact your friend had on you and also the way to celebrate their life. Take your time. Here are some pieces of advice for you.

  • First of all, look for a few favorite photos of your pet. Pictures can be made from a different perspective but should be of good quality.
  • Prepare a shortlist of details you want to be embodied in a design. It could be a heart-shaped nose or a funny-looking spot. Anything, that characterizes your pet.
  • Describe your Idea. Feel free to share your thoughts with me. Your cat can become a magic dragon! I'll be there to answer all your questions.

Ready for more pet portrait tattoos? Check out my portfolio.

Pet Portraits by Rae Ritchie is a great example of how an illustration can emphasize character.

A small fine line tattoo with an original design could be your first tattoo. Looking for inspiration in Bay Area? I can prepare a custom design of a memorial tattoo specially for you. Here is an inquiry form.

After a tattoo session, I strive to keep in touch with every client. Feel free to explore the reviews.
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Tattoo by Natasha Tsozik
Tattoo by Natasha Tsozik
Tattoo by Natasha Tsozik
Tattoo by Natasha Tsozik
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More memorial pet tattoos:

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Poppy Flower Tattoos: Updated

Symbolic Tattoo

California Poppy Flower

As a fan of botanical illustrations and a tattoo artist based in the Bay Area, it's essential for me to share a selection of Poppy Flower tattoos. One of the most trending symbols of California state. The growing popularity of such tattoos is challenging me to work harder on the uniqueness of each design. I set a goal for myself to achieve originality for every client. As you can see, not a single tattoo is repeated.

Enjoy the selection of Poppy flower tattoos I did including CA Poppies. Each one is unique. I'd be glad to add yours to this collection. 


Long before the Europeans came to the “New World”, indigenous people used various preparations of the California Poppy plant for toothaches, to relieve headaches and stomach aches, as well as a sleep aid.

When the early Spanish frontiersmen of California saw slopes overgrown with Poppy flowers, they called the plant “cup of gold” (“Copa de Oro”). It is also known as the Golden Poppy and Cups of Flame. Because of the magnificent spectacle, the coast was called the “land of fire.” And a Poppy Flower became a symbol of ”True Gold is in the Heart”. 

As I've mentioned earlier, the Golden Poppy has been California’s symbol for over a hundred years. However, the way Poppy got its recognition is thorny and long. It took a whole decade for Sara Allen Lemmon to achieve official acknowledgment of the poppy as a symbol of the state. 

Lemmon, previously Plummer, is attributed to discovering 110 species, roughly three percent, of all known species of California’s vascular plants and has two plants named directly after her, baccharis plummerae and plummera floribunda. Lemmon and her husband had two of the genera they discovered named after them, Lemmonia and Plummera, one of the highest botanical honors to be bestowed. She also provided scientific illustrations for her husband’s books—illustrations that were so revered that she was the first woman allowed to speak to the California Academy of Science.

I encourage you to read the history of the poppy becoming the flower of the state in tribute to Sarah. 

The Golden Poppy’s place as California’s state flower rests on the talent and incredible determination of Sara Plummer Lemmon. Her botanical passion and steadfastness in the face of legislative roadblocks and dismissal shows that like the Golden Poppy, she too has a rich, layered, and forgotten history. All around California, the Golden Poppy grows wild, beaming up at the sky with its satin-like petals and stored-up sunshine, radiating through its deep, golden-orange hue. Its glow serves as a reminder that it is thanks to Lemmon that the Golden Poppy has secured a permanent place in Californian history.

The Symbolism of Poppy Flower Tattoos

The flower has various meanings: eternal sleep, imagination, oblivion, avoidance of problems, remembrance, and more. Poppy expresses the power of ambition, attitude, clear thinking, higher understanding, luck, and spiritual concepts. 

What a California Poppy Flower tattoo can say about an owner? Poppies are popular among the public as symbolic tattoos, which are widely used to represent dreams, rest, and calmness. According to Floriography, the California Poppy flower can also be regarded as a declaration of love. As well as a memento about California.

More compositions with poppies

Available Poppy flower tattoo designs

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Vegan Tattooing

Exploring Vegan and Eco-Friendly Practices in the Tattoo Industry

I’ve always been bothered by how much waste our industry generates. So eco-tattooing emerges as a beacon of sustainable artistry. Embracing eco-friendly practices and vegan tattooing, these tattoos celebrate not just creativity, but also environmental consciousness. Let’s explore how a tattoo world can become a better environment. 

Natasha Tsozik—vegan tattoo artist, based in San Francisco, Bay Area. 

Nature has always been my primary source of inspiration, especially for crafting floral tattoos. I’ve been vegan for more than a decade, thus implementing these ideas in my work too is a genuine goal. Eco-tattooing is a way of life. 

Striking a balance between safety and environmentally friendly practices poses a significant challenge. Throughout the decades, the stress on ensuring maximum safety for both clients and tattoo artists has often led the tattoo industry to rely on less sustainable methods. Currently, not all tattoo supplies can be easily replaced by green alternatives, mainly because many techniques originate from the medical field with strict regulations. Nevertheless, thanks to a variety of studies, numerous aspects of our approach can already be adjusted in favor of ecological considerations.

The fantastic news is that more tattoo artists today are considering the planet when establishing their practices. I began this journey before it gained widespread recognition, even when there weren't a lot of eco-friendly tattoo supplies available. I had to improvise 🙂 So, I'm really happy that these new supply companies are becoming more recognizable and accessible. We're realizing that clean and safe setups can also be eco-friendly.

What is eco-friendly tattooing?

"Eco-tattooing" refers to a conscientious approach within the tattooing industry aimed at doing the least possible damage to the environment. This practice entails adopting eco-conscious products and processes to reduce waste and reliance on non-renewable resources. Eco-tattooing embraces vegan principles by offering cruelty-free products and services. 

Key features of vegan-tattooing.

Minimizing the environmental impact:

The primary goal of eco-tattooing is to reduce the single-use plastics and harmful chemicals associated with the tattooing process. This involves a shift towards using tattoo supplies that are certified as compostable or biodegradable

Waste Minimization:

Eco-tattooing results in less waste production compared to traditional methods. Traditional plastic tattoo supplies frequently find their way into landfills or incineration facilities, presenting long-term environmental risks. In contrast, compostable products break down naturally, returning to the earth without leaving harmful residues.

Energy Efficiency:

Unlike traditional plastics, the manufacturing of eco-friendly tattoo supplies requires significantly less energy. This energy-saving aspect translates into reduced consumption of fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a more sustainable industry.

Vegan-Friendly Service:

Eco-tattooing follows vegan principles by using cruelty-free products and services, including vegan tattoo ink and plant- and water-based tattoo care. Ensuring no harm to animals within the tattooing process, appealing to both vegans and those looking for sustainable options. 

Personal Experience: Vegan For Life.

At Natasha Tsozik Fine Art Tattoo Studio you’ll get an eco-friendly approach: from vegan tattoo ink and biodegradable tattoo supplies to even vegan snacks in the lounge area. 

My goal is to set up the process in such a way as to utilize as many compostable shop supplies as possible. I aim for all tattoo supplies, except for metal parts like needles and blades in razors, to be compostable and environmentally friendly. For example, I have ensured that the liquid solidifying powder I use (which tattooers use to properly dispose of contaminated liquids. In ink caps for example) is biodegradable

Yet, not all of these products are nature-friendly. I had to make sure that the paper tape that I use is plastic-free, for example. ‘Cause the most popular are not. 

My go-to consumables and barrier protection products are from Good Judy and a few others that I occasionally seek out. I am particularly drawn to the company's eco-conscious approach to living. On the Good Judy platform, you'll find a wealth of valuable information about bioplastics and biodegradable products. Each product details proper disposal methods and highlights its advantages.

You can already transition to using more eco-conscious products like thick eco towels (you use much less of them than traditional ones), biodegradable gloves, bamboo tongue depressors instead of wooden, razors with compostable handles, compostable bottle bags, ink caps, clip cord sleeves, barrier film, trash bags, compostable masks and so on.

As tattoo artists, we must think about cross-contamination and adhere to strict cleaning routines. It doesn’t stop me from applying greener yet still effective products. For example, for surface cleaning, I use Benefect and Optim 1 since they’re eco-friendly and non-carcinogenic.

In my private tattoo studio, I exclusively use vegan ink. Which is made from plant-based or synthetic materials, ensuring no harm to animals within my practice. Fortunately, it’s pretty common for inks nowadays. My top choices for tattoo ink are Dynamic, World Famous, Intenze, and Fusion.

Selecting tattoo care products without petroleum-based ingredients is highly recommended, and many tattoo artists have already embraced this approach. Typically, opting for plant- and water-based tattoo care is considered the healthiest way to nurture your fresh tattoo.

Recently, I've been using Mad Rabbit products and I'm impressed by their serious approach to manufacturing. Even the packaging is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. I now carry some of the vegan Mad Rabbit products I prefer at my store, including before and aftercare like a numbing cream and lotions.

Certainly, besides the traditional waste disposal methods in the tattoo industry, it will be necessary to integrate new practices into the routine, and in some cases, replace existing ones. Here are some resources you might find useful for understanding the difference between biodegradable and compostable materials, discovering new tips, and aligning yourself with eco-friendly practices.—If you're in the US, here you can purchase ink caps I like by Green House Tattoo Supply;—More eco-friendly tattoo supplies;
Good Judy's blog–How to transition to using more eco-conscious products;—Discover the top reasons tattooers worldwide are going green;

Vegan Tattooing In Conclusion

In conclusion, eco-friendly tattooing is about minimizing environmental impact while promoting sustainability in the industry. Despite challenges, there's a growing awareness among tattoo artists towards eco-friendly alternatives like compostable supplies, vegan inks, and petroleum-free care products. This shift not only benefits the environment but also fosters a healthier future for tattooing. With continued dedication, the momentum towards eco-friendly practices in the industry will flourish.

I hope you got inspired by my story about vegan tattooing & want to continue implementing a more sustainable approach to your practice 💚

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Latest Healed Tattoos

The selection of the latest healed tattoos. Reviews and before/after photos are included.

Hi there! I'm Natasha Tsozik, a vegan tattoo artist located in San Francisco, California. I've gathered a selection of my recent custom tattoos, featuring both the healed results and customer reviews. Dive into the stories behind tattoo projects, explore botanical tattoos, and discover pet portraits here. Check out my profiles on Google Maps and Yelp to read and share your experience of working with me. You'll find the inquiry form here. My books are always open! Check out the latest healed tattoos.

The collection of the recent healed tattoos by Natasha Tsozik.

Healed Fig tattoo for V.

"Hi Natasha, It looks beautiful! ... Really like how the pink turned out after the colors settled. And I will be sure to leave a review! I’d been waiting a long time to get this tattoo (in honor of my dog who passed a couple of years ago—she loved jumping to get figs from the neighbor’s tree). I wanted to work with the right artist on it and am so happy with how it turned out. Thank you." ~ V.

Explore the symbolism behind fig tattoos at @NatashaTsozik.

Healed pet portrait tattoos for V.

"Natasha is the best of the best when it comes to tattooing in SF! I had an amazing working experience with her as we talked through my idea for a pet portrait tattoo for not one but three different pets and she really brought my idea to life. Her studio is super comfortable and she made the somewhat daunting process of sitting through a tattoo session really enjoyable with great conversation and plenty of check ins for breaks, etc. I would highly recommend Natasha for anyone looking to get a high quality tattoo!" ~ V.
Read the full review.

Explore the behind story and reference photos of pets at @NatashaTsozik.

Healed wedding bouquet tattoo for T.

"Natasha Tsozik was a dream to work with! I wanted part of my wedding bouquet tattooed on my left wrist and the experience and tattoo result more than exceeded my expectations. This was my first major tattoo and she made me feel super comfortable while making sure to keep an open dialogue about the process and design. The artwork and fine lines are amazing. Will certainly be working with Natasha again!!" ~ T.
Read the full review.

Explore the behind story for the tattoo at @NatashaTsozik.

Healed Strawberry tattoos for M.

"I always love tattoos from Natasha- from start to finish, she makes the entire process so relaxed and welcoming. her studio is a sweet reflection of her and her art- organized, imaginative, detailed, balanced.
i'm so happy to return and absolutely recommend her to people seeking first tattoos or those adding something new to their collection.
thanks lots Natasha;)"
~ M.
Read M.'s review.

Healed botanical tattoo for C.

"I highly recommend Natasha if you're looking for delicate linework and a well-done tattoo! Her studio has a very welcoming atmosphere, the custom piece she made for me was exactly as imagined (and she was wonderful to work with throughout the design process), and it's healed wonderfully without issue. Her studio and equipment are very clean and the pain was very minimal for a 6 hour tattoo. She walked me through the process, how the tattoo would heal, and recommended aftercare very clearly." ~ C.
Read the full review.

Explore the behind story and design drafts for the tattoo at @NatashaTsozik.

Healed dog tattoo for J.

"Natasha Tsozik is amazing in her artwork, her prep and client engagement. Picture is of day one and then four weeks later! And my tattoo looks incredible (my lighting isn't as good as hers). Follow her instructions, they really are great. Her studio is really comfortable, welcoming and a great environment for getting a tattoo. Her attention to detail and consultation with me in advance and day of the appointment was great. I also was incredibly impressed by the meticulous means she went to to make sure everything is clean and sterile. I also used Richie Bulldog Hustle Butter every day after removing the protective covering at four days." ~ C.
Read the full review.

Explore the behind story and reference photos provided at @NatashaTsozik.

Healed sunflower tattoo for E.

"Hey Natasha, Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to send you the picture of my tattoo a month out from the appointment. Again, thank you so much!" ~ E.

Explore the symbolism of sunflower tattoos at @NatashaTsozik.

Healed Sampaguita flower tattoo for T.

"Hi Natasha, I’m in love with how it has healed! Thank you for your amazing work. I look forward to working with you again!" ~ T.

Explore the behind story and reference photos provided at @NatashaTsozik.

Healed cup of flowers for C.

"It's healing so nicely!" ~ C.

Explore the behind story and reference photos at @NatashaTsozik.

Healed memorial tattoo for J.

"Hi Natasha! The tattoo is healing very well and looking wonderful. Thank you again for such beautiful work." ~ J.

Explore the behind story and reference photos at @NatashaTsozik.

Snoopy with a poppy flower for J.

"Hi Natasha! Sending you a pic of the tattoo at the one month mark, it looks great and healed very quickly!" ~ J.

Explore the behind story for the tattoo at @NatashaTsozik.

Rose & moon tattoo for S.

"It is healing so well. I love it! I will let you know next time I’m in California, so we can do my next tattoo :)" ~ S.

Explore the selection of moon tattoos and the latest healed tattoos at @NatashaTsozik.

Check out the available tattoo designs by me. Also, I'll be glad to do a custom tattoo design specially for you. Don't forget to subscribe to the monthly newsletter to see more latest healed tattoos, exclusive art, new available tattoo designs, and other updates. 

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Healed Tattoos & Work in Progress

A selection of healed tattoos with client's feedback included.

Floral cover-up tattoo

C. were looking to not quite a cover up but re-imagine two medium-sized abstract geometric tattoos on their bicep area. Step by step we're creating a floral sleeve. You'll find more of C. before and after photos in the Short guide for cover-up tattoos. The tattoo healed beautifully!

"Hi Natasha! It’s healing really well. Here are some pics of how’s it’s looking. I already have ideas for more botanicals on this arm."


Fineline portrait of Eros and Psyche with a month healed result

S. approached me with an idea of a close-up portrait of Eros and Psyche. Drawn in a manner that mimics "single-line art". Such a great experience!

"It really did come out perfectly!"


Healed Poppy flower tattoo and a floral cover-up in progress

 A. wanted a couple of old tattoos partially covered up, kind of more to look as though they've been overgrown with foliage/flora. They were thinking of something that wraps around from the tattoo on their inner forearm to the one on their outer wrist. Take a look at a one-month healed photo of a poppy flower tattoo and the cover-up in progress, one more session to go! Explore the process of covering old tattoos here.

"It's been about a month, sending a couple pics of the healed tattoos! They healed super easily, very little peeling or itching. Some of the lines on the rocket faded a bit as it healed but it doesn't really bother me. I love them!!"


To be continued!

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Miami plants-inspired tattoo

Beautyberry and a snail tattoo

Beautyberry tattoo is a noteworthy botanical tattoo project I’ve done recently. T. alreday has floral piece by me, and a few months ago she came back for the next plant tattoo, a bigger one. I’m so thankful to my loyal clients! They always bring me fresh ideas. And you know me, I can’t say “No” to a custom botanical tattoo project.

From a list of plants provided, for the main theme of the design a Beautyberry was chosen. Callicarpa americana is an ornamental plant, which has brightly colored, tightly clustered berries. An excellent choice for the tattoo, because you can play with a composition and a flow of a design. 

T. also really wanted to incorporate a garden snail into the design. We’ve decided to make a shell match the color of berries, to bring the whole story together. I like how a purple color touch also adds depth to the picture.

A Beautyberry may have a variety of meanings, such as wisdom, preparation, dignity, seriousness, and mourning. A snail tattoo can be a symbol of rebirth, death, and even self-sufficiency. As for T., the whole tattoo idea is an ode to their childhood growing up in Miami. 

Explore more botanical tattoos and available designs by me. Feel free to share your tattoo ideas, I'd be glad to make a special custom floral design for you. 

Healed Beautyberry tattoo on a forearm

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Cover-up tattoos

Short guide for cover-up tattoos

Before and after healed photos included

For a bunch of reasons, it can be more difficult to decide on an old tattoo cover-up than to get your very first tattoo. This may be due to an unsuccessful experience with a tattoo artist in the past, as well as thinking that it may be painful, etc. Doubts and insecurities can be as individual and subjective as possible. And this is absolutely normal and expected. I’m here to answer some of your questions about cover-up tattoos. Didn’t find  information you’re looking for? Feel free to email me for the answers. 

When a person comes to me with a request for a cover-up, my job is not only to help a person choose a design and make a quality tattoo, but also to act as a support on the way to a new stage. Therefore, it is only logical that the first thing we will do is set up an online consultation

What information will I need from you before the consultation: 

  • A photo of the existing tattoo.
  • Age and the quality of the tattoo.
  • Features of your skin, for example, do you have a predisposition to the formation of keloid scars?
  • Have any manipulations been already carried with the tattoo, for example, laser removal?
  • And of course, details of your vision and reference images.

It is my duty to warn you in advance:

  • A cover-up tattoo will be a bigger size than an actual tattoo.
  • Thick contours cannot be made thinner, and dense shading is not always possible to completely cover. In this case, you should think about pre-lightening with a laser. Another option is to Include elements of the old tattoo in the new design.
  • Sometimes it takes more than one session to cover up a tattoo. So your ideas about how much a tattoo should cost and how much time it will take may deviate from the expectations. 

But don’t think if I'm trying to scare you on purpose. I am just encouraging you to approach this issue consciously. Read articles about cover-up tattoos, about which ink colors are more resistant, and see photos before and after the cover-up. Get a consultation on laser removal. Try to decide in advance on the main theme of the design. We will have to make a plan in order to pursue your expectations. 🙂 

How to choose a design for a cover-up tattoo?

As you may have noticed, one of my specialties is floral motifs. Such designs are ideal for covering, in my opinion, as there is always freedom in creativity. It will be more difficult to overlap the geometric shape with an anatomically correct illustration of an animal for example. So be realistic with choosing the cover-up design. I’ll gladly discuss your ideas and give you the options of what we can do. And don’t be shy to ask any questions you have. The design will be unique and bespoke, but we can use one of my available tattoo designs as a base, find inspiration here.

Covering tattoos is essentially creating an illustration based on an old one to distract attention from it. Losing old design in the new patterns. Working with scars is approximately the same. Obviously there’re a lot of other factors to take into account. My goal is to make you feel comfortable with yourself and your decisions. Some clients choose to embrace the old tattoo with new meanings and arrangements. 

It will be important to prepare yourself to the fact, that it always be possible to touch the trace of an old tattoo or a scar. It really depends on many things. Visually, it is achievable to create a picture in which nothing will be noticeable. Of course, you will need time to get away from the knowledge of the existence of an old tattoo. A new design will help you with this.

Between a consultation and the actual tattoo session, we might have a Drawing Together consultation to work together on the sketch. It benefits big projects. And helps you to reduce anxiety. The necessity of a drawing consultation or an in-person meeting will be determined by a standard online consultation. 

Keep in touch with your tattoo artist

Depending on the quality of an old tattoo and the features of your skin after a few weeks of the healing process you might get a feeling, that you wanted to have a darker color. Don’t hesitate with sending me a healed photo. So we could decide if the touch-up is needed. All of my clients get before/aftercare instructions. And I strive to keep in touch with everyone to find out how things are going with healing.

Please read my F.A.Q. section to know my current hourly rates and service policy. 

Cover-up tattoos by me

I selected a group of my tattoo projects, which are cover-ups of old tattoos and/or scars. Fill the inquiry form here to contact me with your thoughts about your future tattoo

Cover-ups of old tattoos

Read the behind story and design creating process.

Cover-ups of scars

New life for the old tattoos

Read the behind story and design creating process.

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My Private Tattoo Studio—Fine Art Tattoo

That's the moment I've been waiting for! It is with great pleasure I’m sharing this news with you. I’m opening my own private tattoo studio in Dogpatch, San Francisco in February. I’ll call it just by my name—Natasha Tsozik, my Fine Art tattoo studio.

The first thing I bought was a kettle

I'm at the final stage of the studio prepping. Tea mugs are already waiting for the first guests. But for me, it's still like a dream. Is it really happening? 🙂

Once I saw the “for rent” sign, I almost dropped my coffee.

Natasha Tsozik, vegan tattoo artist.

I’ve been a resident of Dogpatch for a while already. Passing by the building I’ve always thought “That would’ve been the perfect spot for a private tattoo studio”. Once I saw the “for rent” sign, I almost dropped my coffee. I knew: Today is the day! And if I ever had any second thoughts, my dearest husband would push them away and hype me with “you’re doing it!” So yeah, after months of dealing with all the preparation stuff, I’m ready to do the little sneak peek tour for you. 

From Old Crow Tattoo apprenticeship to opening my private studio

My tattoo journey have started years ago and thousands of miles away from San Francisco. And then in 2018 I got introduced to Hannah Wolf, since we were going to the same tattoo conference. I got fascinated by her science approach to tattooing. She even wrote a book about it. That was one of the key moments in my life. I’ve got the tattoo apprenticeship! Can’t believe almost two years have passed since the day I’ve become a resident of Old Crow Tattoo. Forever grateful. To the whole team. I've met so many talented and sweet friends! To Hannah, my mentor who saw potential in me and was ready to help me grow despite all my stubbornness (Aries, am I right ?). The experience I got working with her is incredible and irreplaceable. And the support I’ve got is worth of years of waiting for that day. 

Old Crow Tattoo team.

For those of my clients who prefer Oakland, don't worry! I’m planning to guest at Old Crow from time to time. Love them to pieces! And my private studio is close to metro and bus station. So stay tuned! 

What do I have for you in my private tattoo studio

In my new private studio, you will find a cozy atmosphere and stylish interior details. I’ve brought my favorite art books and cute things. You know, I love avant-garde and bright-colored stuff! But still, lots of place and light. Also, as a vegan tattoo artist, I remind you, that I use animal cruelty-free and eco products. 

Here you can find information about my actual hourly rate and deposit/cancellation policy. Fill out the inquiry form to get details on how to book a tattoo session with me. I always reply to all inquiries:) 

Loyalty Program

For my regulars, there is super news! Starting Feb I am introducing a loyalty program. If you spend 5 hours or more in my tattoo chair, you’ll get a $50 discount for your next session. Also, if you recommend a friend to get a tattoo by me, you’ll get the discount as well. We’ll just need to make sure your friend actually got that tattoo. 🙂 Check for more details here. How to get a coupon? Email me and I’ll count your tattoo hours and check if your friend came to me! If you forgot to tell me, I may not give you this secret hidden prize. Oh well, we’re only human, right? 🙂 Only hours starting this February are counted, not any previous ones.

To my art fellows

By the motto of my tattoo studio, you can guess, art is my life. All things from my online shop and my exclusive fine art will be exhibited in the studio and available for purchase.

If you’re a Dogpatch resident artist, or/and looking for an open studio, I’m ready to meet you and give you a platform for exhibitions starting summer. Email me to talk things through 🙂 

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Redwood Tattoos

The selection of redwood tattoos by me.

As a symbol of California state, redwood tree is one of the most common choices as a memorial tattoo along with California poppy flowers. It's believed, that Redwood represents wellbeing, safety, longevity, wisdom, and bonding.

Redwoods have been around for about 240 million years, that fact makes them as old as dinosaurs. You might be surprised to know that a 2,200-year-old Sequoia is still standing strong in the forest of California.

Take a look at these Redwood tattoos by me and don't hesitate to contact me with your very own idea!

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Skull Tattoos

A selection of skull and skeleton tattoos by me 🙂 Here you can find more tattoos & behind stories for your inspiration!